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Property/Holiday Home/Sectional title/Fam/Small Holding When you decide to buy or sell your home, holiday home, sectional title unit, farm or small holding, we will assist - from your decision to buy or sell until the property is registered.  We will prepare your application for a loan on your behalf and will do all the running around to administer your bond application. We handle property transactions throughout South Africa, not only in the North West. So, before you purchase a holiday home at the sea, let us help to ensure that everything goes smoothly. We represent ABSA Bank, Nedbank, First National Bank and Standard Bank with registration and cancellation of bonds. We also handle developments Township establishment, opening of sectional title registers, subdivisions and consolidations of property. Anything you want to do with your property. Anything you want to do with your property we can assist. Remember the decision as to which attorney will handle the transfer of your property as well as the registration of the bond is always that of the owner of the property.
Minerals want to dig for those diamonds or gold? We can assist with the application for prospecting and mining rights or permits, and can administer the whole process.
Family & Marital Matters Before you get married Today a prenuptual agreement is a neccessity. Such an agreement is used with ordinary marriages, civil partnerships and with cummunal relantionships. Wills With a will the winding up of your estate is made easier and ensures that your family do not quarrel over the millions that they stand to inherit. Estate Planning This is done to ensure that your heirs receive their inheritance and that the state is not paid unnecesarry estate duties. Divorces We handle everything for you from begginning to end. We assist you all the way to ensure that you get a fair deal. Maintenance Your “ex” not paying or not paying enough? We can assist. Business Company, Close Corporation or Partnership Obtain advice as to which entity will meet your requirements, before you start your business. We attend to the registration of your company, close corporation or partnership, as well as the Association Agreement to determine the responsibilities or each shareholder/director and the amount of his remuneration. Service Agreement This is the agreement between yourself as employer and your employees. Court Cases Someone owes you money? Give them to us! Your tenant fails to pay his rent? We take all their possesions to collect rent in arrears. Neighbours dog bites you? We bite back! Motor Vehicle Accident and te guilty party refuses to pay for the damage. We will collect the amount on your behalf. We will consider the merits of any case before we proceed with legal action. We will give you an indication of the chances of succes before the costs ascelate. We do not like losing, so we only accept cases that we know we can win. General Before you decide to take a chance or do anything that might cost money and effort, first speak to us. We would like our clients to be successful in all their entures. We gladly stand by you all the way!